Website secure vs non secure

Suddenly you’re starting to get calls about your website being ‘not secure’?

I had a number of people contact me in the previous week with this question so I thought I’d put together a quick post to clear things up so you understand what’s going on if you start getting calls from customers worried about your website being ‘Not Secure’. If you’re after further information please don’t hesitate to contact us. Having a secure website is part of our website tips and should be part of any business website design package.

In a nutshell some of the major browsers e.g. Google Chrome have decided in recent updates to make it more obvious to users they are visiting a non-secure web page. These are being rolled out currently and will not have hit all users yet but I just wanted to get out in front of this as I’ve already received a number of calls.

Up until the recent updates, HTTP websites displayed as a little info symbol as you see below.

But now as these updates roll out people are seeing a much more confronting message as shown below for a non-secure HTTP website. Hence why this is suddenly becoming a noticed issue by website visitors and owners.

In the past SSL was something reserved for big businesses – the likes of Sony, Westpac etc due to the sheer cost and infrastructure required. However due to improved and more accessible technologies the affordability of this has reduced substantially. This latest update is an active move from companies like Google to push website owners into getting SSL encryption for their website, at first I felt like this was a bit of a strong arm move to force people into spending more money. But with the affordability of SSL encryption these days it will ultimately be a positive move towards a safer internet experience for users as security becomes an increased issue with the prevalence oi hacking. With Google making this forceful step publicly against non secure websites I can’t help but start thinking about how not having SSL could be having serious impacts on search engine rankings and website authority within Googles platform.

What is SSL (HTTPS) ?

You may have noticed that websites change from having HTTP at the beginning to having HTTPS – where the ‘S’ stands for secure, and it’s exactly that. SSL certificates allow for a secure connection between a web server and your browser via digitally binding the information with a cryptographic key. Effectively locking away your data behind a padlock, hence the ‘Secure’ green padlock of safety that users will see in their browser.

Benefits of SSL?

I’ll keep this brief but feel free to contact us for more information.

  • Improves customer trust
  • Look more professional
  • Necessary for accepting online payments
  • Protect your customers information
  • Protect your companies information
  • Potential search engine benefits

The big question, is this something you need to worry about?

This is a tricky one, basically your website is no more ‘un-safe’ then it has been up until this point and tech savy individuals will understand that. It’s just that the web browser have changed the way it displays the message. This warning may course individuals to be more aware and therefor be more hesitant to share private information with you, I think it’s too early to tell how the average user may react – this sudden added warning of ‘Not Secure’ may see people losing trust in your website and going elsewhere. If the feedback I’ve heard from some business owners is anything to go off, a lot of people are initially freaking out but this may subside as they start to see this message more frequently. To conclude, with the Google powerhouse taking an active stand against websites that aren’t secure and given how much we rely on services like Google for getting people to our business I’d be inclined to make the investment. I’d recommend this as part of your up to date search engine optimisation strategy.

If you’d like help with making your website secure and getting SSL encryption in place, contact our team.

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